Leased Housing
In addition to providing conventional public housing, the Greenfield Housing Authority (GHA) also provides affordable housing through the administration of the federal funded Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV formerly the Section 8 program) and the state funded Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP).

These rental subsidy programs connect income eligible individuals and families with affordable, decent, safe and sanitary housing with private landlords in the community. Qualified housing clients and landlords enter into a normal tenancy and lease agreements. The tenant and landlord agree to abide by the terms of the respective housing program contract.

The GHA administers approximately 560 rental assistance vouchers that allows qualified individuals and families to rent in the private market and apply a subsidy to their rent. With these subsidy programs tenants are able to pay approximately 30-40% of their household income toward rent with GHA paying the remainder.


Housing Choice Voucher Program

Household Size

1 Person $31,050 5 Person $47,900
2 Person $35,500 6 Person $51,450
3 Person $39,950 7 Person $55,000
4 Person $44,350 8 Person $58,550

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Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program

Household Size

1 Person $49,700 5 Person $76,650
2 Person $56,800 6 Person $82,350
3 Person $63,900 7 Person $88,000
4 Person $70,950 8 Person $93,700

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Family Self Suffiency (FSS)
FSS is a program designed to assist Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) holders to become self sufficient. FSS is a voluntary employment and savings incentive program designed to assist families in becoming self supporting, therefore, eliminating the need for public assistance. It is usually a five year program, although some achieve their goals in less time.

It is most beneficial for those that wish to further their employment opportunities. As your income increases, your FSS escrow account grows.

If you are interested in joining the FSS program, you will be asked to come in to give us an opportunity to explain the program in greater detail. When you are ready to join, we will fill out an assessment application, an FSS contract and together, we will establish interim and final goals that are measurable and attainable.

Your FSS coordinator will provide direction for you by coordinating resources you need to attain your goals. We will notify you of upcoming workshops that you may find of interest and evaluate your individual service plan on an ongoing basis to ensure your needs are being met.
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Single Room Occupancy (SRO)
SRO housing contains units for occupancy by one person.

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