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2011 Annual Report

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6-10-2015 -
Oak Courts renovations may mean housing for homeless families

The $13.2 million renovation of one of the town’s low-income housing developments is expected to be completed by the end of this month, and it appears one or more of the homeless families living in Greenfield’s two hotels could be among its new tenants and have permanent homes by July. Dan Finn, executive director of Greenfield Housing Authority, which manages Oak Courts off of Elm Street, said Greenfield residents, including those who are currently living in two of the town’s hotels, will have priority as the authority fills the last 34 apartments. . . .
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10-9-2014 -
First phase of renovations to Oak Courts complete

The first phase of the $13.2 million Oak Courts renovation project is complete and 16 families are now moved into the new apartments some have been waiting up to a decade to live in.The much-needed renovations began last November. The project was supposed to be done in four phases, but since then, Greenfield Housing Authority Executive Director Dan Finn said, it has been reduced to three phases, the last of which is expected to be completed by next May. . . .
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8-19-2014 -
Local agencies to host meal for Winslow residents

In an effort to build a tighter, more supportive and friendlier community among the 55 residents of the Winslow Apartments on Main and Wells streets, three local social service agencies will host a community meal there for the residents on Thursday. Nicole Fahey of Greenfield Housing Associates, owner of the building, said the meal, which GHA, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and Franklin County Resource Network hope is the first of many, will be provided by Green Fields Market and Just Roots farm . . .
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2-8-2014 -
Former inmates to live in Winslow

Some inmates about to be released from the local jail after completing their sentence or being put on probation may soon find themselves living in the low-income kitchenette apartments in the Winslow on the corner of Main and Wells streets . . .
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11-8-2013 -
A new start for Oak Courts; $13.2M in renovations begin

Heidi Stone and Briana Locke could not stop smiling Friday morning as they watched state and local officials lower gold-plated shovels into the ground during a symbolic groundbreaking that kicked off the $13.2 million Oak Courts renovation . . .
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7-26-2013 -
$11.7M for Oak Courts renovations, community center

The much-needed renovations that families in Oak Courts apartments have been awaiting more than six years will finally begin this fall. John P. Counter, executive director of Greenfield Housing Authority, which manages the low-income housing development, said GHA has received $11.7 million for the project . . .
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5-31-2012 -
The Winslow: A cornerstone of downtown

The renovation of the Winslow Building has a number of benefits not just for its residents, but also for the town of Greenfield. What was once a rundown rooming house catering to a clientele of male-only tenants is now a bright, clean, attractive cornerstone of the downtown. Although the building’s 55 rooms are still mostly occupied by men, about a dozen women call the Winslow home, as well . . . for full article see pdf below.
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2-8-2012 -
Historic hotel converted to apartments

The historic Hotel Winslow in downtown Greenfield has been refurbished into a housing complex for people who don't have a lot to spend for rent.
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